Human Resources

Our Human Resources Strategies are formed to support the vision, mission and business strategies of Ünal Group. It is aimed to improve existing processes, develop new processes and implement them more effectively. We believe that success will be achieved with people. We take advantage of each other's creativity, different perspectives, innovation and new ideas.
Principles and Beliefs
  • We treat each other with seriousness and respect,
  • We are open to different opinions and suggestions,
  • We offer development opportunities to maximize employee performance,
  • We treat our colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers honestly,
  • It is our obligation to provide a healthy and reliable work environment,
  • We act with a sense of responsibility,
  • We exhibit exemplary behaviors to society with our social responsibility, social sensitivity, environmental awareness,
  • We are customer oriented and are obliged to fulfill our promises to our customers,
  • We respect the law and do not compromise our ethical values,
  • We adopt a transparent and honest management approach,

Employee Profile
  • Open to change and development,
  • Customer focused,
  • Believing in teamwork and team play,
  • The first time aiming to reach the right,
  • Who loves and participates in their work,
  • Believing in strategy, goals and objectives,
  • Using natural resources efficiently and with high environmental awareness,
  • Demonstrate behavior to society and have high social responsibility sensitivity,
  • We work with human resources committed to ethical values ​​and laws.