Narinkale Hes

  • Power Plant Location: Kars, Kağızman
  • Operator Company: Ünal Group of Companies
  • License Number: EÜ / 1315-4 / 948
  • Installed Power: 33,50 MWe
  • Installed Power Ratio: 0.0412%
  • Production Capacity: 107.797 GWh-year
  • Annual Electricity Production: ~ 64 GWh
Narinkale HEPP is located on the Aras River in Kağızman district of Kars.
As a subsidiary of Ünal Group of Companies, EBD Enerji Üretim ve Tic. Inc. 33.50 MWe power plant operated by Turkey with 335 power.
It is the biggest power plant of Kars.
The resort is also Turkey's 141 largest Hydroelectric Power Plant.
Narinkale HEPP can meet all electrical energy needs (such as housing, industry, metro transportation, official apartments, environmental lighting) that 19.336 people need in their daily life with an average of 64,001,288 kilowatt-hours of electricity generation.
Narinkale HEPP generates electricity that can meet the electrical energy needs of 20,318 houses only when the consumption of residential electricity is taken into consideration.